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LEED Certification

Building Features

Designed by the renowned architect I.M. Pei, The Towers at Wildwood Plaza was a dramatic new development when it opened in 1991. Since then, its sculptural presence and natural environment have made it an Atlanta icon. Naturally, The Towers is LEED-C&S Certified. A Class A building, it has many important features including:

Total Building Size
Number of Stories
Exterior Materials
Typical Floor Plate
Ceiling Height
Floor Loading
No. of Elevators
701,314 square feet 
Tinted glass & polished granite 
East: 26,700; West: 24,000 
Typical Floor 9’ 
24 x 48 fluorescent 
100 lbs. per square foot 
East: 6 passenger, 1 freight; West: 6 passenger, 1 freight, 5 parking garage
24-7 Security officer is at
Main Lobby Console

3200 Windy Hill Road   |   Atlanta, GA 30339   |   T 678.370.0268   |   F 678.384.3022   |   Owned By Wildwood Owner, LLC   |   Managed and Leased By America’s Capital Partners